When the state of alarm was declared due to Covid-19, the Acadèmia Catalana de Gastronomia i Nutrició, aligned with its mission to support the gastronomy and culinary fields in our country, put into action a pioneering initiative that offered to the general public an opportunity to get to know the great chefs of the region, who designed short and easy recipes to use at home. Carles Gaig, Nandu Jubany, Joan Roca and Carme Ruscalleda are just some of the chefs who participated in Recipes from the Lockdown, an innovative and simple format that will surely convince users of all ages to have a go at cooking.

A total of 21 recipes of traditional dishes are included in this online book. The reader can access video links which show the best Catalan chefs cooking each recipe, each easily adapted to making at the home.

Recipes From The Lockdown (Catalan)