National Gastronomy Awards

The National Gastronomy Awards are the reflection of culinary habits and trends in our country in recent years, and positions Catalan gastronomy and cuisine in Europe and the rest of the world.

The ability to remember is one of the most unique human qualities. The synopsis of these national awards bestowed each year to our chefs, professionals and establishments is the snapshot capturing the culinary movements at any given time. The results of these awards are the summary of our culinary landscape, and secures a place for our gastronomy and cooking in Europe and the world.


XXI Edition

National Gastronomy Award 2023

RAFA PEÑA I CERRO, Co-owner of the restaurant Gresca


Rising Chef Award 2023

NIL DULCET I PADRÓS, Xef and director of the restaurant Compartir Barcelona


Maître d’Award 2023

PABLO SACERDOTTE, Maître restaurant Cocina Hermanos Torres


Nèstor Luján Award 2023

MARC CASANOVAS I ANGUERA, Gastronomic Communicator


Academy’s Special Award 2023

JOSÉ RAMÓN ANDRÉS I PUERTA, Humanitarian work at the head of World Central Kitchen


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XX Edition

National Gastronomy Award 2022

ALBERT SASTREGENER i SURROCA,  restaurant Bo.Tic, Corçà


Rising Chef Award 2022

ELISABET FARRERO i IGLESIAS, restaurant El Ventador, Barruera


Maître d’Award 2022

JOAN JUNYENT i FRANCO, restaurant Windsor, Barcelona


Nèstor Luján Award 2022

JOAN ESCULIES i SERRAT, gastronomic journalist


Academy’s Special Award 2022

CARLA SIMÓN i PIPÓ, film director


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XIX Edition

National Gastronomy Award 2021

JORDI VILÀ i BADIA, Chef & Owner, restaurant Alkimia in Barcelona

Rising Chef Award 2021

RAFEL MURÍA i FRANCH , Chef, restaurant Quatre Molins

Maître d’Award 2021


Academy’s Special Award 2021

ASSOCOME, Empreses de Mercabarna

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XVIII Edition

National Gastronomy Award 2020

Albert Adrià, Chef and Owner, restaurant Tickets in Barcelona

Rising Chef Award 2020

Jordi Coromina, Chef, restaurant l’Horta de Tavertet, Barcelona

Maître d’Award 2020

Alfred Romagosa, Maître d’, restaurant Fermi Puig in Barcelona

Academy’s Special Award 2020

Javier de las Muelas, Mixologist and Businessman

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XVII Edition

National Gastronomy Award

Fina Puigdevall, Chef and Owner, restaurant Les Cols in Olot, Girona

Rising Chef Award 2019

Rafa Zafra, Chef and Owner, restaurant Estimar in Barcelona

Maître d’ Award 2019

Joan Carles Ibáñez, Maître d’, restaurant Lasarte in Barcelona

Academy’s Special Award 2019, Career in journalism related to gastronomy

Cristina Jolonch, Journalist of La Vanguardia, and Pau Arenós, Journalist of El Periódico of Catalunya

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XVI Edition

National Gastronomy Award

Isidre Gironès, Owner, restaurant Ca l’Isidre in Barcelona

Rising Chef Award 2018

Joel Castanyé, Chef and Owner, restaurant La Boscana in Bellvís, Lleida

Maître d’ Award 2018

Isabelle Brunet, Sommelier, restaurant Monvínic in Barcelona

Academy’s Special Award 2018

Pordamsa, Industrial producer of porcelain

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XV Edition

National Gastronomy Award

Carme Ruscalleda, Chef and owner, restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona

Rising Chef Award 2016

Àlvar Ayuso, Chef and owner, restaurant Alvart in Barcelona

Academy’s Special Award 2016

Grup Balfegó, Family company dedicated to tuna fishing industry

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XIV Edition

National Gastronomy Award

DISFRUTAR dels xefs Eduard Xatruch, Mateu Casañas i Oriol Castro

Young Chef Award 2015

ARNAU BOSCH del restaurant CAN BOSCH (Cambrils

Academy’s Special Award 2015



XIII Edition

National Gastronomy Award

Paco Pérez, Chef and Owner, restaurant Miramar in Llançà, Girona

Young Chef Award 2015

Antonio Simoes, Chef and Owner, restaurant La Taberna del Clínic in Barcelona

Academy’s Special Award 2014 – Posthumous

Jean Luc Figueras, Chef


XII Edition

Restaurant Award 2013

Ramon Freixa, Chef, restaurant Ramon Freixa in Barcelona

Young Chef Award 2013

Harry Wieding and Nico Cabañas, Chefs, restaurant Sant Pere del Bosc in Lloret de Mar, Girona

Professional Award 2013

Ferran Centelles, Sommelier

Gastronomic Event 2013

Mercat de Mercats, gastronomic fair in Barcelona

Academy’s Special Award 2013

Philosophy and Social Sciences Department of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans in Barcelona


XI Edition

Restaurant Award 2012

Benvingut Aligué, Chef, restaurant Aligué in Manresa, Barcelona

Young Chef Award 2012

Victor Quintillà, Chef, restaurant Lluerna in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona

Culinary Entrepreneur Award 2012

José Mª Parrado, Owner, Bar Cañete in Barcelona

Professional Award 2012

Jaume Tàpies, President, Relais&Chateaux

Gastronomic Event 2012

Banc dels Aliments, Foundation that fights against poverty

Academy’s Special Award 2012

Juli Soler, Associate Director restaurant El Bulli in Roses, Girona

Special Award 2012 – Posthumous

Pau Albornà, Journalist, Gastronome and Manger of Communication of San Sebastián Gastronomika


X Edition

Restaurant Award 2011

Jordi Cruz, Chef and Owner, restaurant ÀBAC in Barcelona

Young Chef Award 2011

Marc Gascons, Chef, restaurant Els Tinars in Llagostera, Girona

Gastronomy Promotion Award 2011

Pau Arenòs, Journalist, El Periódico de Catalunya

Professional Award 2011

Restaurants against Hunger
Outstanding success throughout Spain of a program developed by the NGOs Acció contra la Fam (Action against Hunger) and Federació Espanyola d’Hosteleria (Spanish Federation of Hospitality Industry)

Academy’s Special Award 2011

Fundació Alícia, in Sant Benet de Bagès, Barcelona


IX Edition

Restaurant Award 2010

Nandu Jubany, Chef and Owner, restaurant Can Jubany in Calldetenes, Barcelona

Young Chef Award 2010

Dani Lechuga, Chef, restaurant Caldeni in Barcelona

Gastronomy Promotion Award 2010

Cristina Jolonch, Journalist La Vanguardia and Jordi Estadella, Journalist and Gastronome (posthumous)

Professional Award 2010

Anna Bellsolà, Owner, bakery Baluard of Barcelona

Academy’s Special Award 2010

Francesc Fortí, Chef, restaurant El Racó d’En Binu in Argentona, Barcelona


VIII Edition

Restaurant Award 2009

Brothers Sergio and Javier Torres, Chefs, restaurant Dos Cielos in Barcelona

Young Chef Award 2009

Sergi de Meià, Chef, Monvínic in Barcelona

Gastronomy Promotion Award 2009

Santi Santamaria, Chef, for his collaboration in La Vanguardia Magazine

Professional Award 2009

Pere Monje, Owner, restaurant Via Veneto in Barcelona

Academy’s Special Award 2010

Eliane Thibaut Comelade, Cook and Writer of traditional cuisine of northern Catalunya


VII Edition

Restaurant Award 2008

Oriol Rovira, Chef and Owner, restaurant Els Casals in Sagàs, Barcelona

Young Chef Award 2008

Rafael Peña, Chef, restaurant Gresca in Barcelona

Gastronomy Promotion Award 2008

Rafael Aracil, Professor “Sent Sovi” at the Universidad de Barcelona

Professional Award 2008

Josep and Salvador Capdevila of Cadaico, specialists in poultry and game

Academy’s Special Award 2010

Josep M. Boix and Loles Vidal, hotel La Torre del Remei


VI Edition

Restaurant Award 2007

Juncà family, Owners, restaurant Ca l’Enric de la Vall in Bianya, Girona

Young Chef Award 2007

Oriol Ivern and Guillem Pla, Chefs, restaurant Hisop in Barcelona

Gastronomy Promotion Award 2007

Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona

Professional Award 2007

Quim Vila, Owner, Vila Viniteca

Academy’s Special Award 2007

Ferran Adrià, Chef, restaurant El Bulli in Roses, Girona


V Edition

Restaurant Award 2006

Romain Fornell, Chef, restaurant Caelis in Barcelona

Young Chef Award 2006

Albert Ventura, Chef, restaurant Coure in Barcelona

Gastronomy Promotion Award 2006

La Cuina de l’Isma, television program on TV3

Professional Award 2006

Oriol Balaguer, Master Pastry and Chocolate Chef

Academy’s Special Award 2006

Jean Louis Neichel – 25 Years of History in Barcelona


IV Edition

Restaurant Award 2005

Miquel Sánchez Romera, Chef and Owner, restaurant l’Esguard in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Barcelona

Young Chef Award 2005

Xavier Franco, Chef, restaurant Saüc in Barcelona

Gastronomy Promotion Award 2005

Enric Canut, Expert and Publicist of the gastronomy convention “DEGUSTA”

Professional Award 2005

Joan Pedrell, Owner, restaurant Can Gatell in Cambrils, Tarragona

Academy’s Special Award 2005

Sisters Lolita and Paquita Rexach, Owners, restaurant Hispània in Arenys de Mar, Barcelona


III Edition

Restaurant Award 2004

Carles Gaig, Chef and Owner, restaurant Racó Gaig in Barcelona

Young Chef Award 2004

Oriol Rovira, Chef and Owner, restaurant Els Casals in Sagàs, Barcelona

Gastronomy Promotion Award 2004

Magazine Descobrir Catalunya

Professional Award 2004

César Cánovas, Sommelier

Academy’s Special Award 2004

Josep Monje, Owner, restaurante Via Veneto in Barcelona


II Edition

Restaurant Award 2003

Santi Santamaria, Chef, restaurant El Racó de Can Fabes in Sant Celoni, Barcelona

Young Chef Award 2003

Guillem Oliva, Owner, restaurant Can Carreras in Dosrius, Barcelona

Gastronomy Promotion Award 2003

Gastrononomia Forum in Vic

Professional Award 2003

Jordi Butrón, Master Pastry Chef and Owner, Espai Sucre

Academy’s Special Award 2004

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Writer


I Edition

Restaurant Award 2002

Brothers Joan, Josep, Jordi Roca, Chefs, restaurant Celler de Can Roca in Girona

Young Chef Award 2002

Maria Isabel Juncà, Chef, restaurant Ca’l Enric in Girona

Gastronomy Promotion Award 2002

Miquel Sen, Director, television program Cuines on TV3

Professional Award 2002

Enric Rovira, Chocolate Chef

Academy’s Special Award 2002

Jaume Subirós, Chef and Owner, hotel Empordà in Figueres, Girona